Adamas Original Slothead #42

In 1975-76 Ovation created the Adamas guitar.  This unique guitar featured a carbon fiber and birch sandwich top and the now-famous multiple soundholes located in the upper bouts adorned with exotic woods.  The first 33 pre-production versions of these guitars (serial numbers 27 to 60) also featured a beautiful carved slotted headstock.  These extremely rare and historic guitars became known as simply the "Slotheads".  Without question these 33 Slotheads are the most sought after guitars by Ovation collectors worldwide.  It is my incredible honor and good fortune to own serial #42 of this historical lot.  This particular guitar is the model 1687-8 in the reverse blue-burst finish with gold flake.  It is fitted with the newly developed 2-knob stereo FET preamp.  Whenever I’m asked the common question “Which one guitar …”  THIS is usually the one that first comes to mind.

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Slothead #42 Engineering Data

Slothead #42 Vibration Plot

Adamas Slotheads

(OFC Guitar #8,  Original Slothead #42,  OFC Guitar #1,  Slothead Reissue #47)

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