Folklore Deluxe FD-14

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The Ovation Folklore Deluxe, model FD-14, is perhaps the best sounding acoustic guitar that New Hartford has ever produced.  That's a bold statement to be sure.  But I've played this wonderful limited edition next to Shiny Bowls, Adamas, Elites, and Custom Legend and each time I come away amazed.  In 2003 the boys at Ovation set out to build an acoustic players guitar modeled after the original Josh White (and later the Folklore).  What resulted was a limited run of 50 instruments from a very different mold.  The body is a deep bowl, non-cutaway trimmed in inlaid walnut and tortoise shell.  The sound hole rosette is also of a beautiful hand laid walnut and tortoise shell.  The 12 fret neck is a slightly narrower version of the original (1-3/4"), yet still wider than the standard steel string guitars.  The soundboard is a satin finished cedar, which has an amazing woody mellowness to it.  Topping it off is a wonderful slotted headstock, which I've had gloss finished and adorned with the Josh White signature in honor of the original.  A fixed EQ on-board pre-amp feeds the direct out to the endpin jack.