Ovation Thunderhead

Vibrato Version

The Thunderhead was the top of the line Storm series guitar.  The body of spruce and maple was adorned with gold hardware including DeArmond pickups and a unique phase toggle switch.  The model shown below is a 1969 model with Vibrato in the dark nutmeg finish.  This was my first ever Ovation electric guitar.  The guitar has held up wonderfully over the years and still gets frequent use.  The bound neck and diamond shaped inlays look brand new.  On this particular guitar the vibrato tailpiece has been modified into a solid tail with out spring, even though it still looks every bit like a vibrato model.

The Nutmeg Thunderhead Deluxe was my first Ovation electric and was the mainstay of my garage band days.

Later joined by a matching red Thunderhead, but the original Nutmeg remained near and dear to my heart and Ovation history.

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