The Ovation Ultra GP 1431 was part of the short-lived "hardbody" series of guitars.  This was Ovations third foray into the solidbody market.  The GP was designed to be a competitor to the Les Paul (The name GP means Guitar Paul).  There is also a GS and guess what that one stands for.  The GP features a heavy hardwood body and set neck, topped with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and large block inlay.  The hardware is top notch with Schaller parts and a screaming pair of DiMarzio Super 2 pckups wired to twin volume and tone controls with a 3 way selector.  The guitar plays great and has incredible sustain.  The tops got some of the best color finishes that Ovation ever put out on solidbodies - gloss black, sunburst, wine red and honeyburst (pictured below).  Despite how nice this guitar was, it never found much commercial success and the line was discontinued after only a few years.  Rumors are that production numbers were only a few hundred or so, making it one of the more rare Ovations.  In the mid 90's a popular heavy metal band started using the GP and this has brought some renewed interest to this rare guitar and has also driven up prices.  Overall, this was probably Ovations best ever solidbody offering. 

Ovation Ultra GP Solidbody

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