Glen Campbell 12-String

In 1968 Ovation introduced the final member of the Shiny Bowl family - the Glen Campbell 12-String.  Structurally similar to the Balladeer 12-String, the Glen Campbell model has several deluxe features such as bound neck and diamond inlay pattern, gold Kluson Deluxe tuners, and select spruce top.  The most notable feature of this model is the inlayed Glen Campbell signature running down the center of the slotted peghead.  Standard features include the winged shape rosewood bridge, 5 piece neck, flush inlayed rosette and of course the shiny bowl.  The early versions of the Glen Campbell 12-String, such as nice shown below, have the smaller soundhole.  Later versions in 1969 had the standard 6-string sized hole.  Together the 6- and 12-string Glen Campbell models make up one of the most historically significant pair of instruments in Ovations history.  Unfortunately, production of these models only lasted slightly over a year. 

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Original Shiny Bowl Series

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