Original Classical

Of the first 4 Ovation models introduced in 1966-67 was the Model # 3 Classical, pictured here.  The inlaid rosette was different than the Balladeer (chain link) or Deluxe Balladeer (floral).  The so-called "zig zag" rosette also appeared on the first Josh White model.  The Classical was Ovations first nylon string guitar and featured the traditional classical flat 2 inch wide fretboard attached at the 12th fret and a slotted headstock with engraved side tuners with scalloped buttons.  The bridge is a beautiful rolled design made of Brazilian rosewood.  The top is book-matched spruce with a 5-ply binding.  The roundback bowl is of course shiny finished.

1967 Generation Shiny Bowl Classical

Inlaid Zig-zag Rosette

1968 Generation Shiny Bowl Classical

Inlaid Floral Rosette

1967 Shiny Bowl Classical …

1968 Shiny Bowl Classical …

Specifications …

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