Officially it's a 1996 model MM68-7LTD mandolin.  But for all practical purposes it's called the Ovation "Book" Mandolin, manufactured to celebrate Ovations 30th anniversary.  It is the matching mandolin mate to the "Book" Elite featured on the cover of the Walter Carter book.  The solid spruce top is finished with a honey toned ager and the entire body, neck, and headstock is lined in several hundreds of beautiful Abalone inlay.  24k gold tuners with pearloid buttons and an OP-24+ preamp system round out the configuration.  The only fretboard marking is the exquisite inlayed "1966-1996" at the 12th fret.  There does not seem to be an official count of how many were made.  I've heard estimates of approximately 25.  In my opinion this certainly is the most beautiful mandolin Ovation has ever produced.  

Ovation 1996 “Book” Mandolin

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