Welcome to OvationGallery.com.  This is my personal website for displaying photos of my various Ovation guitars.  I have been a player and collector of these fine instruments for over 30 years.  Although I don't profess to be an expert on all things Ovation, I do have a passion for their artistic and sonic beauty which I hope you will share.  My collection is always evolving, at one point  numbering over 50 guitars.  At one time or another I've been lucky enough to own almost every type of Ovation and Adamas guitar as well as some one-of-a-kind and truly collectable specimens.  All of these guitars are wonderful and it is my pleasure to share them with you on this website.     Dave   

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07/04   Added Josh White 40th Reissue Photos
07/02   New Solidbody Photos
06/26   New Mandolin Photos
06/21   Updated Ukulele Page
06/19   New Tornado photos
06/14   Updated FD14 Folklore Deluxe Page
06/01   Updated 1858 12-String Page
01/27   Updated Adamas Page
10/26   Vibration plot of Slothead #45 added


08/08  Bill Kaman will be presenting another great guitar workshop in Fernandina Beach Fla. next March featuring Matt Smith.  You can read the details over on the OFC site.

07/22  Took delivery today of 1687 Slothead #42.  This is a very special guitar and I'll get photos posted soon.  You can see laser vibrometer plots of several of the slotheads over on the serial number registration page.

07/19  Tom Roca received his Adamas Custom Shop Slothead.  See it HERE.

05/22  The KOA custom guitars have started shipping.  Contact Lost Art Vintage for details.  A new 14 fret version is now available in additional to the 12 fret original.
05/01  Ovation introduced the VXT hybrid solidbody guitar.  You can read about it over on the Ovation site or or on the special VXT mini-site.      


Notice: All guitars shown on these pages, with the following exceptions, are current owned by myself or were owned by me at the time the photographs were taken.  Exceptions are the guitars shown in the "Friends" section, which are used with the permission of their owners.  Other exceptions are as noted within.

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