The Ovation line of semi-hollow body electrics guitars included several models of 4 string bass.  The original model was called the "Williwaw" and had 2 pickups.  Shortly after, a single pickup version was introduced as the "Typhoon".  After the first catalog was printed in 1967, the single pickup model was renamed Typhoon I, and the 2 pickup version was renamed Typhoon II.  The sunburst Typhoon II pictured here is a 1968 model in near-mint condition.  The 2 pickups are controlled by a master volume control and two individual tone controls.  The usual 3-way selector switch (neck, both, bridge) is located on the lower horn.  The body of the Typhoon II is smaller and thinner than the 6- and 12-string electric storm guitars.  The top is spruce and the back/sides are maple.  The sunburst finish, multiply top binding and the nicely bound f-holes are all very nicely done.

Ovation Typhoon II Bass

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