The Magnum was Ovations first solidbody bass.  'Solid' is an understatement.  This is one of the heaviest basses I've ever played.  But if you've got a strong back, this instrument will reward you with some awesome performance.  The body is solid Honduras mahogany and the neck is mahogany reinforced with three graphite strips.  The example shown below is the Magnum IV.  This is a long scale 34" bass with an interesting active electronics setup.  The massive neck pickup is a 4 pole humbucker and an added double pole bridge pickup.  A three way toggle selects the pickups and there is a master volume control.  Tone control is handled by a three band graphic EQ with +/- 12 dB adjustment for bass, midrange and treble.  All hardware is chrome plated Schaller with semi-open gear tuners.  The Magnum III is similar, except has individual pickup volume and tone knobs instead of the graphic EQ.

Ovation Magnum Solidbody Bass

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