Adamas W681-TA Export

Specifications …

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Although Ovation stopped producing the original textured top Adamas and Adamas II for the US market in 1998, they continued to produce a limited number of textured top models for export.  The example shown below, which is a 2002 model that I acquired in 2006, is quite frankly one of THE best sounding acoustic Adamas guitars I have ever owned.  The model is W681-TA and it is acoustic only which no doubt has something to do with why it sounds so good.  Deep bowl, non-cutaway with ebony bridge, fingerboard and tuner buttons.  The top is a woven graphite finished in a Blueburst fade.  The outer blue is a special textured paint and the inner gray area is bare carbon fiber soundboard.  Hardware is gold Schaller and the saddle and nut have been upgraded to bone.