Adamas U681 12-String

The U681-TA has quickly become one of my favorite 6-string Adamas guitars.  But from the day I received it I craved a 12-string version.  In late 2006 Lost Art Vintage Instruments had the vision to build a limited run of special 12-string versions using a 1-7/8 inch wide neck and slotted headstock.  The pre-amp was upgraded to OP-Pro.  But other than that,  this limited run of 6 guitars is an exact copy of the 6 strings model.  You can read about the 6-string U681 HERE.  The setup and playability are excellent and the sound of this 12-string is pure magic.  This is one serious instrument and will hold it's own against any other Adamas model.  The volume is incredibly loud yet very finely detailed and it rings like a bell.  The bottom end is deep and the highs are very crisp.  The 12 fret neck attachment works very well for 12-strign guitars in general and this limited edition is no exception.

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