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As the original Adamas guitar, with its carbon fiber top, celebrated a 20th anniversary in 1996, the engineering team set out on an ambitious project to design and build a completely carbon fiber guitar.  This unique guitar was given the model number Q181, but it’s better known as simply “The Q”.  Unfortunately the steep tooling and manufacturing costs never allowed the Q to go into production and only 12 prototypes were built, of which numbers 8 through 12 were the only fully playable guitars.  The top is a carbon fiber sandwich mated to a fully hand laid carbon fiber deep bowl with wonderfully smoothed edges.  The top sports an ebony bridge and the trademark Q soudholes.  Running through the body is a carbon fiber channel which forms the fully carbon neck and headstock.  An ebony fretboard and gold Schaller tuners complete the package.  Clearly decades ahead of its time, the Q must be heard to be appreciated.  It is simply one of the loudest, clearest, most intricate sounding guitars I have ever played much less owned.   This is among the rarest and most historical guitars that any Ovation collector could desire.

Adamas Q181 Proto #12

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