Adamas Custom Shop NAMM Guitar

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At the Winter NAMM Show in 2007, Ovation launched their "Adamas Custom Shop", featuring various configuration options that could be selected for their Adamas line of guitars.  Several highly customized examples were built specifically for the show and through the good folks at Lost Art Vintage Instruments, I was able to obtain the NAMM sample guitar shown below.  This guitar started life as a standard model 2080, which is the Adamas NWT (new woven top) but thatand the VIP preamp is about as far as the similarities go.  Unlike a stock 2080, this Custom Shop guitar features the following: Adamas I style suspended top mounting ring, Blackburst top finish, top is entirely gloss finished, hand made fiberglass contour bowl gloss finished, maple neck is gloss black finished, gloss black peghead and satin chrome Spretzel tuners.  This guitar is about as black, bold, shiny and stunning as you could possibly imagine.