Adams Custom SMT

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The Adamas SMT is Ovation's smooth, uni-directional, graphite topped guitar.  The example shown here is a custom order greyburst gloss finish with the following non-standard features:  super-shallow cutaway bowl, no fretboard markers and no wood epaulets surrounding the multi soundholes.   The result is a gloss guitar that almost looks black and has nearly no ornamentation other than the gold Schaller hardware and gold Adamas headstock logo.  The black on black motif has earned this guitar its nick-name of "Stealth Adamas".  The fast action neck and super shallow body make this Adamas play very "electric like" and along with the Optima electronics earn it high marks as a stage guitar (minus the greasy fingerprints).  For a super shallow bowl guitar, the unplugged sound is amazingly full and detailed, although not especially loud.  Of all the guitars in my collection this is the one that usually gets the question, "What the heck is THAT?"