2008 marked the first time that Ovation would feature an ADAMAS as the Collectors Series guitar.   No doubt based on the experience and success of the 30th Anniversary re-issues it seemed that the factory put all the known goodies in one amazing package with the 2008 model.   Original style textured carbon fiber top mated to a state of the art un-interrupted hand laid Contour bowl and supporting a wonderful 14 fret wide neck with original style walnut fretboard and inlays, all capped off by a modern slotted headstock, and on the custom model below I had it built with gold Waverly tuners.   Electronics are handled by the OPP pickup system and the latest VIP-5 pre-amp.  Now that the Collectors Series has been essentially “put to rest” it is rather easy to point out the “high water mark” of the run, and without question that high water mark sits firmly upon the Adamas 2008 Collectors Series guitar.

Adamas 2008 Collectors Series

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