The 33 pre-production Adamas guitars built in 1976 are collectively called the Adamas Slotheads.  These hand made guitars set the stage for all to follow.  Ironically, nothing that followed could surpass the original.  These Slotheads are without question the most sought after Ovations in existence.  However, there never was an Adamas II version of the Slothead - until now.  What you see below is a one of a kind custom that I had built in 2003.  It started life as a 1982 Adamas II model 1681.  I had the neck and 2-knob electronics removed.  New FD14 direct out pre-amp was installed and a completely custom neck was fabricated.  The slothead neck is 1-3/4 inch width and adorned with walnut Elite style inlays.  The slotted headstock is also faced in walnut.  The sound of an already legendary Adamas is taken to the next level with the new neck and electronics.  While it may not have the same detailed finishing's as the original Slothead, this custom Adamas II Slothead leaves nothing more to be desired sonically. 

Adamas II Custom Slothead

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