Adamas 1688 Custom 12-String

Specifications …

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The Adamas 12-string guitar has one of the biggest sounds there is.  Amazing volume and projection yet so clear that you can almost hear each string individually.  Sadly, the production of the Adamas I textured top 12-string with carved bridge and headstock ceased many years ago.  But a member of the Ovation Fan Club went to the effort to have one custom built in 2005.  In 2006, I was able to purchase the guitar from him for my own collection.  This fine guitar is a standard Adamas I 12-string, model 1688-7 but with some very special upgrades.  On the cosmetic side, the deep bowl is finished with additional gold flake sparkle and the fiber soundboard has been finished in a custom color which is a light beige on the outer area which fades to a light blue in the center.  As far as electronics this guitar is outfitted with the brand new OP-Pro preamp with XLR output.  This is truly a very special and wonderful custom guitar, which I am very proud to own.