Adamas II Cutaway (2006 Reissue)

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In 2007 the Ovation factory produced a limited run of Adamas II model 1581 guitars in exact configuration, materials and construction as the originals 30 years earlier.   The attention to detail is amazing and one would have a difficult time to identify this reissue next to an original.   Copied from the original is also the famous 2-knob FET pre-amp with exact replicas of the walnut knobs.  The fit, finish and color matching is also near perfect.  Aside from the visuals, one must play this guitar to truly experience all that was (and is) wonderful about the original Adamas design.  Loud, deep, crisp and voice unlike any other instrument.  These limited run of Adamas reissue guitars will likely become some of the most sought after on the market, perhaps even surpassing the originals.