2006 Standard Balladeer Reissue

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2006 marked the 40th anniversary of Ovation guitars.  To commemorate this occasion, Ovation produced a very limited number of four vintage models that helped shape the company.  The original shiny bowl models K-1111 Balladeer and K-1114 Josh White.  And the popular early 70's models the 1618-1 Pacemaker A/E 12-string and the 1627-4 Glen Campbell Artist Balladeer.  These models were built with the same materials and construction techniques as the originals.  Shown below is my model K-1111 Balladeer reissue.  I've owned several of the originals and I can attest that this is a very fine recreation.  This guitars features the shiny fiberglass cloth bowl, 3 piece spruce top, 5 point Brazilian rosewood bridge, enclosed Kluson vintage tuners and the inlayed chainlink rosette.  The attention to detail of the recreation is stunning, right down to the shape of the thick lip headstock and script model name logo.  The sound and playability is everything that put the company on the map so many years ago.  This guitar is serial number 02 of the reissue run.