Legend Limited Reissue

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In December of 2005 Ovation built a limited run of 100 guitars to commemorate the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's passing (December 8, 1980).  This special guitar is a re-issue of the Legend Limited model 1651-7 that John played on several recording sessions and is featured in several widely published photographs from the late 70's.  The run of 100 guitars was specifically produced for export to Asia, but a handful found their way into US homes.  The 1651-7 is basically a standard issue Legend, with a beautiful nutmeg finish, gold Schaller hardware and the stacked V/T FET-3 pre-amp.  The re-issue features Ovations new LX neck with dual action truss rod and the new GS microsphere bowl.  This guitar plays wonderfully, especially on Lennon or Beatle tunes.  The scarcity of this reissue coupled with the "legend" that it honors makes it a truly collectable instrument.