Glen Campbell Custom Artist

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In 2006 Ovation celebrated their 40th anniversary and produced a reissue of the popular 70's model 1627 Glen Campbell Artist.  This guitar immediately floored me and was seriously one of the nicest instruments they have produced in some time.  But something in me was craving for a reissue a bit more authentic to Glen's original personal guitar.  So it was off to the custom shop.  My guitar shown below is basically the 1627 reissue with the following modifications:  5 point rosewood bridge, inlaid floral rosette, shiny finished artist bowl, dark walnut faced peghead, acoustic only and "G.C." initials inlaid at the 12th fret.   The result is stunning.  The guitar has crisp bright highs and solid chunky lows.  It plays and sounds like butter up and down the fretboard.  This custom order is a wonderful tribute to the original guitar played by Glen himself.