Elite 1537

Specifications …

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Soon after Ovation introduced the Adamas composite-fiber topped guitar, the obvious question was - could the multi-soundhole design and bracing pattern be implemented on a wood topped guitar?  The answer from the engineering department was the model 1537 shown below in sunburst finish.  Originally call the "Wood Topped Adamas", it went to market as the first model called the "Elite".  The Elite shared the quintad bracing, multi-soundhole design and wooden epaulets of the Adamas combined with a traditional gloss Ovation neck, headstock and gold Schaller tuners.  The fretboard was black walnut with maple inlays.  The select spruce top and body was also bound in wood inlay and housed the same 2-knob electronics as the Adamas.   The Elite 1537 is not as loud or projecting as it's composite-fiber topped brother, but rather has a very mellow and "woody" sound.  It is perhaps the closest Ovation has ever come to copying the sound of their wooden-box competitors.  The Elite 1537 was only produced for a few short years, which makes it a very sought after guitar for collectors and players alike.