1997 Collectors Series

Of all the annual Collectors Series guitars introduced by Ovation since 1982, the 1997 offering is perhaps the most unique and daring.  For the first time since the inception of the company, Ovation altered the body dimensions (in a drastic way) and introduced the Parlor Guitar.  The Parlor size is smaller than a 000.  This required the deign of a completely new bowl, new neck, and new top.  The top is a beautifully finished aged toner on solid spruce bound in maple.  The center sound hole rosette is also made of individual pieces of maple set in ebony.  The slothead neck attaches at the 12th fret.  On this model Ovation also introduced a completely new electronics system, comprised of a slimline pickup and the TS (Touch Sensitive) volume control.  The TS is build into the top waist of the bowl as a series of touch sensitive bars.  Output is though the endpin.  The small Parlor body makes this an extremely comfortable guitar to play and the acoustic sound is surprisingly good for its size.

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