1982 Collectors Series

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In 1982 Ovation began a long standing tradition that remains today - the issuing of an annual "Collectors Series" guitar.  These annual offerings were generally used as launch vehicles for new designs, materials, technologies and manufacturing.  This allowed the new ideas to be "tested" on a limited production run.  Some ideas never got beyond the 1000 produced for the Collectors run, while others became mainstream products.  Over the years, the Collectors Series was the launch vehicle for such ideas as on-board tuners, supershallow bowls, new pre-amp designs, guitar geometries such as 16 fret clear, parlor sized guitars, new and exotic wood tops such as maple, redwood and koa.  New cosmetics such the inlaid epaulets and abalone trim, and even the new contour shape bowl.  But it all started with the pretty blueburst 1982 model shown below.  This guitar incorporates the deep bowl body with AAA spruce top.  Trim is a mix between Custom Legend (rosette, tuners) and Legend (inlays and bound neck).  The beautiful blueburst finish and matching headstock sets off the walnut bridge and ebony fingerboard.  The electronics are the stereo FET 2-knobber from the Adamas line, including the walnut knobs at the waist of the guitar.  This guitar is setup, play and sounds as good as it looks.  Of all the Collectors Series the first year offering is a pretty special one.  

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