2005 Collectors Series

2005 will go down as a remarkable year in the history of Ovation.  The year they changed the bowl shape.  And they chose the 2005 Collectors Series to do it.  This is akin to Mercedes changing the design of their star shaped hood ornament.   The contour bowl of the 05 Collector maintains all that is good about the original design, yet addresses some of the shortcomings.  The volume and projection is amazing, and the comfort of holding this guitar is incredible.  It sits square on your knee while seated, and hangs perfectly perpendicular to the floor when strapped on.  But there is more good to this guitar than just the bowl.  The beautiful Englemann spruce top with abalone inlayed soundhole rosette is a subtle eye-catcher, as is the grained ivory binding.  The new AEN gloss neck is super fast and the 05 Collector also sports the OP-Pro pre-amp with XLR output.  The sound reminds me very much of the shiny bowl Balladeers, which is saying something.  Overall, a whole lot off goodness in this instrument. 

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