Custom Legend Slothead

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In 2005 Ovation introduced the Contour Bowl version of the Custom Legend LX.  This is a "dream" guitar by anyone's account.  Would be any way to improve on such a fantastic instrument?  Not in terms of the sound.  But there were some personal features that I had come to appreciate from other models, so I wondered "what if"...  Soon a custom order was placed and 5 months later arrived the Custom Legend Slothead.  This guitar has no standard model number and it was configured from several different models.  The body is of course the Custom Legend with all the beautiful abalone inlay and abalone rosette, finished in a special order Sunburst.  Electronics are the standard OP-Pro and the the bowl is the new Contour Bowl.  What sits atop the body is where things get interesting.  Starting with a 1-3/4" wideneck which is 14 frets clear.  Inlays are standard Custom Legend.  The 5-piece neck is gloss finished and sports a beautiful gloss finished slotted headstock with inlayed pearloid logo.  Tuners are Schaller slothead tuners with pearloid buttons.  Both sonically and visually, this is one of the most exquisite instruments that I have ever owned.