Balladeer K-1111

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Below is the only existing photo of the guitar that started it all for me.  My very first Ovation, purchased in August of 1971.  Check out the receipt for $159. + tax.  Those were the days.  This Balladeer model K-1111-4 was manufactured during a cross over period between the shiny bowl series and the real mass-volume Balladeers.  The tuners were enclosed small button Klusons and the bridge is the second generation style, so-called "winged" bridge.  The following year the tuners became full sized Schallers and the bridge became the modern day shape walnut.  This Balladeer packed quite a punch acoustically compared to other guitars of the day and it's lyrachord bowl and overall looks were were absolutely unique.  I had no idea at the time how many Ovations would come into my hands in the many years to follow, but this one will always be special.  You never forget your first love.

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