The deep bowl 12-string guitar has been a staple of Ovation's line since the very beginning.  One of the most popular models is the Pacemaker, first introduced in 1970.  This guitar features a 12-string slotted headstock, 12 fret neck attachment, 1-7/8 nut width and Ovations legendary sound and playability.  My guitar shown below started life as a mid 70's model which became damaged (almost) beyond repair.  It was returned to the Ovation factory in 2006 where it received an entirely new body, consisting of new lightweight deep bowl and an A-Braced sitka spruce top.  The A bracing makes a significant tonal improvement over the original fan style bracing and this new/old guitar absolutely sings.  Visually one of the very best Ovation sunburst finishes I have ever seen and the setup and playability is world class.  Acoustic only.

Pacemaker 12-String

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